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Open Data Literacy has collected various resources together to help others better understand open data.


The Roles of Libraries in Open Data Literacy | As more and more data becomes available online for access and use by anyone, libraries are becoming active in the open data movement. Listen to this brief, 15-minute presentation to learn about libraries working in this area, and how yours can get involved.

What data does your community need the most? | ODL presented on this topic in October 2019 for Washington State Library's First Tuesdays webinar series.


What Is Open Data?

Open Data Thought Leaders

  • Open Knowledge Foundation | A nonprofit dedicated to opening up knowledge on a global scale, responsible for CKAN, the first open data definition, and many other projects.
  • Open Data Institute | A nonprofit dedicated to open data ecosystems and data ethics.
  • SPARC | A global coalition dedicated to open research and education, active in policymaking, resource development, and parternship building.
  • Sunlight Foundation | A nonprofit focused on analyzing U.S. open data and civic technology policy.

Open Data Workshops

Open Data Policy

Open Data News & Updates

  • Government Technology | A magazine reporting on information technology in state and local governments, with a dedicated data section.
  • GovEx | A project of John Hopkins University with regular posts about government data and technology.

Data Science Education

  • Library Carpentry | A collection of software development and data science curriculum specifically for librarians and information professionals, including classes on working with data, Git, SQL, Python, and more.
  • Data Scientist Training for Librarians | A variety of data science resources, aimed at librarians, including data visualization, statistics, and more.



Open Data Literacy is a collaborative project led by the Information School at the University of Washington in partnership with public institutions that create, manage, and publish open data. Open Data Literacy is funded by a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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